"It is a collection of unique handmade necklaces of small bodies with their own bodystory. It is important for me as a designer to tell that our female bodies is unique. It is capable of doing so much. We should be not but proud of it!"

- Anne Lahn


"During my bachelor I was researching on body positivity on instagram. So many lovely selfies of women showing their naked bodies but covered the nipples with emojis.

Instagram has a policy that you can not post pictures of nudity including the female nipples. But if you cover the nipples you are allowed to post the images on Instagram.

So I made the pin AMALIE who is pulling up her shirt to show her nipples but her nipples are covered with small daisies. My DAISY collection is inspired by the AMALIE pins covering her nipples with daisies."

- Anne Lahn


"This is the starting point for FEMME AND FAB. After my bachelor I decided to produce my designs as pins. It was very important to me to support girls. Therefor I chose to support by donating 10 kroner for each pin sold to a Danish Non-profit organisation called GIRLTALK.DK."

- Anne Lahn